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We are experienced employment agency in the automotive and car industry in Norway. Continuous follow-up and competitive conditions have made us the market leader in staffing for the automotive industry.

Car industry employees

Workers for automotive industry

Highly skilled car industry professionals, mechanics, technicians, painters and panel beaters.
Truck and buses mechanics

Trucks and bus repair experts

Experienced employees for truck and bus industry, maintenance and repair professionals.
Agricultural machine mechanics

Agricultural machine mechanics

Agricultural machine mechanics, technicians and equipment maintenance professionals.
industrial machinery mechanics

Industrial machinery repairers

Experienced mechanics, machinery technicians and painters for industrial machinery.
Geir Soltveit

We have collaborated with WiiSDA AS for 15 years, and were in fact their first customer in the automotive industry. Work Supply AS is a reliable competitive partner to whom we can give our best recommendations. Adm. Direktør Motor Forum Bergen

Karstein Larsen

We are very happy with WiiSDA, because they do everything according to the book and have good employees.

Operations Manager SandeGruppen

We take care of everything for you

Recruitment process, job interviews and reference check. Organization of housing for employees as well work and residence permit. Occupational injury insurance, payroll and Norwegian language course for all employees.

Work and residence permit

Work & Residence Permit

Tax Registration, insurance. WiiSDA take care of all paperwork.
Norwegian salary and benefits

Personal assistance

Personal assistance and coverage of costs upon candidate arrival.
Affordable housing

Organization of  Housing

Organization of  accommodation and housing for all employees.
Norwegian language course

Norwegian Language Course

WiiSDA offer a free Norwegian course to all employees.
Complete confidentiality

Injury insurance

Accident insurance and payment for medical and other costs.


With our skill-based recruitment process we select specialized workers and fulfill the market needs for experts in the Norwegian automotive industry.


We provide specialists from all automotive fields

Frequently asked questions

WiiSDA will match you with your ideal employee saving you time and resources. We have excellent portfolio and we deliver what we promise.

WiiSDA is family owned and operated, and since 2008 has specialised in recruitment to the automotive industry in Norway.

Being the only recruiter in Norway specialized in the automotive industry, we built a pool of talented, hard-working candidates for an array of businesses in need of an experienced workforce.

Professionals for repair and maintenance of passenger cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, industrial and agricultural machinery and rail vehicles. Mechanic Technicians, Master Technicians, Electro Mechanics, Panel Beaters, Painters, PDI - Pre Delivery Inspectors.

Many years of experience, good quality, continuous follow-up and competitive conditions have made us the market leader in staffing for the automotive industry.